This Part 1 in a series where I will be documenting all the things I’m learning/discovering about building inclusive products. While I am extremely passionate about this and keep learning and growing in this field, I’ve realized that this knowledge could be useful to many people out there.

Most product…

Beauty for the ears. Beauty for the heart. Beauty for the soul.

Heavenly music, abstract art and cathartic words.

Beauty in every corner of our existence.

And yet, the affirmation — limited.

Beauty for the eyes. Beauty in touch.

Beauty in the obvious.

Raptures from tunes, tears from poems.


Rickshaw Boy by Lao She

Reading a book is getting lost inside a whole new world. Conjuring different landscapes, people and their stories in your head. Living their lives, seeing what the author wants us to see. And just like that, each book you read is a new experience. …

Blankets of fog everywhere. Dew settling down on the leaves.

Barely visible silhouettes of the surrounding hills.

Green. Green all around. The shade that you think only exists in paintings.

And fresh. So fresh. Almost like this small universe is born anew everyday.

Untouched. With no one to tell nature…

We are storytellers. All of us. Emotional or dramatic, inspiring or just plain crazy, we all have a story to share. Conversations become meaningful when people start sharing their stories with each other. Tales are swapped, friends are made and your piggy bank of stories ends up getting richer and…

So many things flow with the wind.

Whispers and secrets swirling with the autumn leaves,

Far-away laughter and the sounds of the ice-cream truck,

The smell of summer with the promise of the spring,

Oh, so many things flow with the wind!

Time does too; it flows with the wind.

The whispers aren’t heard anymore and secrets are forgotten,

Laughter is gone with the people who left and the ice-cream truck no longer comes to your lane,

The doom of the winter calls and so does the gloom of the rain.

Oh, so many things go away with the wind …

There was a time when girls wore flowers in their hair or pinned them on to their dresses, emanating freshness and grace. They adorned their pretty hair locks and curls with ribbons, colourful and bright. In India, they wore bangles that clinked together, anklets that jingled merrily and bindis that…

Minutes pass by. Days drag on. There is a picture. I am standing in it. Probably folding all my laundry, not neatly I must add. It’s a weekend obviously, for what are chores on a weekday? Isn’t showing up to work enough?

That picture, I don’t always see. I am…

Waves of warmth. Joyful dance. Wisps of smoke giving a touch of mystery. And oh so beautiful to look at.

However, there was always a distance. People kept telling her, ‘Be careful! Don’t go too close!’

She was but like a moth, drawn to the flame. She kept going closer…

I am an early riser. Probably only so I get to experience the freshness of the world that comes with the beginning of a brand new day.

I love seeing flowers blossom during the spring. They’re a sign of warmth after the long, dreary days of winter.

And when I…

Product and Poetry

Product, Tech, Books and Poetry …

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